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Virtual Events for Pharma #VEP11 – How to Create Impact and Maintain Compliance

By Greg Jones

If you’ve ever wanted to check out a virtual event live, here is your chance. Starting at 12:30 pm today, We are hosting “Virtual Events for Pharma #VEP11 – How to Create Impact and Maintain Compliance.” Here is a description of the event:

The life sciences industry is in the midst of a virtual revolution. No longer are national and global meetings constrained by venue or geography. Today, life science professionals can gain access to industry expertise, content, and news with the click of a mouse through a virtual engagement platform. Learn how your company can leverage this new trend to dramatically increase your reach to both external and internal audiences while also ensuring compliance with the requirements of our industry.”

We are using the Unisfair platform, and have a number of experts lined up to talk including:
-Taren Grom, Editor-in-Chief, PharmaVOICE
-Derrick Wood, SVP, Creative Services, Cramer
-Peggy Robinson, Directory of Strategic Alliances, Veridex (J&J Co.)
-Brent Arslaner, Vice President, Unisfair

If you plan on attending, the twitter hashtag is #VEP11
If you are interested in the subject matter, the virtual event platform as a solution, or just getting your networking on, come check it out. The keynote starts at 12:45 pm.

/end shameless plug

Unisfair acquired by Intercall: good or bad?

By Steve Gogolak

Unisfair, Cramer’s Virtual Event partner for the past two years, announced today that it has been acquired by InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation.  So, is this a good thing?  Well, time will tell, but we see it as a positive step not only for Unisfair, but for the industry as a whole.  I take it as a sign of confidence when large industry players get in on a new market and I’m glad that InterCall saw the same value in the Unisfair platform, business model and executive team that we did back in 2009.  Nice going, guys.

You can read about the acquisition from Intercall’s perspective.

Virtual Edge Summit and The Future of Virtual Events Roundup

By Steve Gogolak

One of the most anticipated sessions at the Virtual Edge Summit, now in its second year, was The State (and Future) of Virtual Events. With a whopping eight man panel, including the leaders of every major technology platform, the insight into the industry was unprecedented. I’ll attempt to boil down the key points from the one hour session here.

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