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Turn Your Virtual Event into an Engaging Virtual Environment

Many organizations have expanded their event productions to include the virtual experience. In my opinion, there needs to be a leap from event to environment. This requires a change in the mindset to combine the best expertise from the event organizer and the best of the marketer to achieve great results.

The traditional event organizer deals with highly concentrated periods of time with high activity level around a specific event deliverable while the traditional marketer deals with longer-term deliverables of ongoing engagement. By capturing both perspectives into one long-term strategy, the end-to-end process becomes one of creating an ongoing environment for engagement.

The new approach takes several strategies into consideration including, core strategy, promotional strategy, environmental design, content strategy and budget. For the core and promotional strategy, the focus is longer-term with looking at overarching goals and more than transactional activity. The marketing effort to drive traffic becomes a constant – rather than specifically related to one specific event. As for the environmental design, it is more than the visual aspect, but must take into consideration how items like the web should continuously evolve and change over time. Event content strategy is typically a one shot blast related to a specific activity. Within the environment approach, it provides for several mini launches to allow for engagement and connection points with the targets. Budgets are a complicated aspect when it comes to events and transitioning to an environment approach. There needs to be a complete understanding of the components of the budget and how they work over time, along with the realization of hidden costs and challenges that might come along the way.

To learn more about the considerations, opportunities, challenges and benefits related to moving from a focused-event to a more comprehensive environment approach, check out Steve’s presentation or contact Steve at “”. Extensive time, money and effort go into making a great event — why not learn ways to maximize and leverage it over time for the best business results.

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