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Virtual vs. Face to Face: 3 factors you can’t forget

Forbes recently released a report about the importance of face to face meetings that details results of a survey of more than 750 business executives.  Keeping the audience in mind, note that executives feel that meeting face to face is still critically important to build relationships.  No argument here, but not every meeting is for executive level attendees.  (check out a quick summary of the report here if you’re pressed for time).

When making the decision between face to face and virtual, consider the following:

  1. Audience – the type of people attending matter most in the decision.  Consider the travel budgets allocated to your target audience, the type of personality most common – outgoing people people may prefer meeting face to face while introverted, detail oriented people may prefer attending online.
  2. Content – what are you trying to tell the audience and how are you going to ensure engagement?  How long will an audience member need to dedicate to this meeting to allow you to get your content across?
  3. Goals – you’re the meeting organizer, what do YOU want out of it?  Leads?  Engagement?  Education?  Understand what the outcome needs to be on your end and what constitutes a successful event.

Once you’ve written down a few sentences describing each of these factors you can start to form an opinion about whether a face to face or virtual event is right for you.

Both virtual and face to face are great options, you just have to match the right situation to the right medium.

So which method is your winner?  Any upcoming events that clearly landed on one side of the line or the other?

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  1. Thanks for pointing to my blog post about virtual and face-to-face. I also wrote an overview of the Forbes and HSMAI’s surveys on my corporate blog, highlighting how virtual can augment face-to-face: