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Extending Live Events Across the Web – Building Blocks Pt 1

Continuing the topic of extending live events across the web, I thought it may help to list some of the essential elements of live face-to-face meetings and some technology solutions that can be deployed to allow remote audiences to experience those elements. To be clear, I include attendees as remote audiences, because they are only on site for a short while. Before and after the event they are part of the remote audience with everybody else. This is an important distinction because I find that many people assume that online components of an event, such as video archives, are directed exclusively at non-attendees.


Networking: Social Networking. Examples: BD Metrics, Leverage Software, Ning, Intronetworks

Audience Alignment: Blogging. Examples: Lotusphere

Making a list of things to see: Social Networking and User Rankings. Example: Ning

During the Event

Conference and General Sessions: Webcasts. Examples: InAAU, Demo

Product Demonstrations: Video On Demand. Example: YouTube, Engadget

Team Building: Gaming (online and through kiosks) – couldn’t find an example…

Swag: e-Swag. Examples: Widgets, Desktop Wallpapers, Screensavers, E-certificates

Buying your client drinks: Buy Your Friend a

Asking Questions: Webcasts, Webinars, Chat Sessions, Blogging


Measurement: Online polling. Example: Survey Monkey, Zoomerang

Course Credits: Webcasts with CE credits

Memories: Photo Sharing, Video Sharing. Examples: DragonCon on Flickr, DragonCon on YouTube


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