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Hyposurface Resurfaces at Bio

canada2.JPGThe brilliant inventor of the Hyposurface proudly reported that the Hyposurface was successfully exhibited last week at Bio Boston to tremendous acclaim. The Hyposurface is a wall of triangular “pixels”, each about the size of a Dorito, that can move in and out of the wall independently, swiftly, and deeply. As the wall moves, it creates stunning 3D patterns and simple phrases. It’s even interactive – responding to sound, voice, and touch.

surprise1.JPGIf you’re familiar with those little pin matrix toys that allow you to press your hand into the pins on one side and see your hand on the other, then you have an image of what this is like – just imagine it 10 feet tall and 40 feet wide, and you’re getting there.

This is no simple beast to set up, and the budget is not for everyone. But it is irresistible to watch. The inventor proposed that there must be some physiological aspect to our vision that remains since the days of our hunter ancestors, because there is something uniquely compelling about a wall that moves. It is absolutely not the same as a moving image on a screen. Physical movement is simply different than shifting pixels.

We had the good fortune to host the product at our production facility a little over a year ago, and the potential was obvious. I’m delighted to see that someone had the wisdom to incorporate it into such a dramatic public display.

I’m sure you can imagine where they can take this technology down the road, as it finds more money and time. Smaller traingles, and ever-increasing resolution, followed by colored video pixels on the end of each triangle, and you have a three-dimensional jumbotron.

In the meantime, this is a centerpiece attraction for an event, a stage backdrop, or a trade show exhibit.

*update* – ok, I stand corrected – this entire installation was set up in one day by four people, all local labor. Very reasonable.

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