Cool New Marketing Technologies: Caught and Served

If your brand was a ballpoint pen…

cosmonautpen_lrg.jpgRecently at the Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas I was given a promotional pen from Nimlok, a national provider of exhibit structure solutions. The pen has a great feel – strong, heavy, metal with fine details and a smooth interlocking ‘click’ between cap and body. It feels precise, solid, and reliable – like any booth structure should be. I felt this pen captured their brand perfectly. Sure – it’s just a pen, but if you had to ask your company “What kind of pen are we?” what would you expect for an answer?

Would your company be a cheap bic, a neon roller, a fake designer, an ergo, a space pen, a genuine Mont Blanc, or a fountain pen with platinum nib and radioactive carcinogenic rhodamine ink?

With every promotional item you dispense, you have the opportunity to extend your brand into the lives of your customers and prospects. With so many options it seems a shame to see exhibitors sporting heaps of crummy pens that effectively advertise their lack of creativity.

So here are some pen ideas for you to consider for future campaigns, ranging roughly from inexpensive to executive-level:

A perennial favorite: The syringe pen.

This pen contains post-it flags in the body of the pen.

The pen pictured and described above is a steel Cosmonaut found on Fresh Promotions.

This one projects your logo on the wall.
Your customers keep forgetting things? This pen has a voice recorder built in.

How about a pen that contains a stylus and a laser pointer?

Here’s a pen that cleans your camera lens, but strangely and sadly has no actual writing capability.

I’m not sure what message this sends, but this pen contains a breathalyzer.
But they may need it after using this pen with a built-in bottle opener and can tab-lifter.
Here’s a pen gadget-gone-wild that contains a USB Memory drive, a laser pointer, a flashlight, and (oh, yeah) a pen.

And here’s a tiny silver pen so sleek, it fits in the fold of a mens wallet. Nice.


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