Cool New Marketing Technologies: Caught and Served

Seth on Name Tags

Seth Godin wrote a nice bit on name tags done right. I agree – great name tags are essential for a successful meeting. I also agree that the art of the name tag as a service courtesy is getting lost, especially at trade shows. Exhibitors tend to use the show badges as name tags for their booth staff. Unfortunately, show badges tend to print the company name really small, making it difficult to figure out who is working the booth. I’d like to see exhibitors making professional name tags for their booth staff. You can, if you have the means, use the flashing badges or LED scrolling name tags but they do get distracting.

I think Seth has nicely arrived at the low-cost version of nTAG, the current leader in electronic matchmaking, ice-breaking name tag technology. See earlier post on nTAG. I’ve had lots of customers ask what they can do if they can’t afford a full nTAG solution and it looks like Seth may have it.


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